Saying goodbye…


I guess until I get this blog stuff figured out, this will be my thought of the day. 

Letting go is NEVER easy!  Today is the birthday of a great, loving man who passed away last November.  Yesterday a dear friend of mine had to suddenly let go of her animal companion of 13 years! They say time heals all wounds?!  I find that hard to believe.  Time may make the thoughts of our lost loved ones push back further in your mind but I can’t, for the life of me, see how it heals the wound!  I’m sure all of us have had someone, animal or human, that we’ve lost, whether recently or long ago, and there will always be something that will remind us!  Maybe that is supposed to be the comforting part?  The relief that they are no longer suffering, physically or emotionally!  Either way, today my heart and thoughts go out to two people that are very dear to me who are struggling with new wounds that I’m sure will never go away!  I love you both! ❤



About oschar83

???? I hate these things! I'm a bit fickle so it's hard to put in what is important! I love my husband, two kids and my dog! I coupon, garden, decorate, watch tv, like movies and walking my dog, sometimes, just doing absolutely nothing at all!

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