Thunderstorms SKER me!


20120416-080051.jpgToday is probably not gonna be a good day for the pup in my house! The Dukesters isn’t too fond of this spring weather that makes the flowers look and smell so nice! He can already sense somethin is a brewing! The wind is blowing, the trees are crackin and he doesn’t fit under my bed! I guess we will have to keep the radio a little louder and a nice thick blanket over the kennel so he can ‘cave’ himself if things get too ‘ruff’!!!!!

About oschar83

???? I hate these things! I'm a bit fickle so it's hard to put in what is important! I love my husband, two kids and my dog! I coupon, garden, decorate, watch tv, like movies and walking my dog, sometimes, just doing absolutely nothing at all!

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