If its not one thing, it’s another


Poor Dixiedoodles! It was supposed to be a new, exciting day! It was cast removal day! A little shaky when we first pulled in the parking lot, a small bit of excitement to see the tech who removed the cast, then a mad dash back to the truck to get home to the comforts of a nice warm bed! But wait! What’s this contraption!?

20120417-090431.jpg Oh man, I don’t know what’s worse! This or the cast! UNCOOL! Needless to say, Dixie is not a happy camper!!!

20120417-092742.jpg Remember The Boy in the Plastic Bubble?

Not looking so comfy, but finally, she snores!



About oschar83

???? I hate these things! I'm a bit fickle so it's hard to put in what is important! I love my husband, two kids and my dog! I coupon, garden, decorate, watch tv, like movies and walking my dog, sometimes, just doing absolutely nothing at all!

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