Let sleeping dogs lie


I figured if I wrote everyday, you all would tire of me (if not already) and I would run out if things to put in this blog SO unless they do something worth posting (or I get some puppies), once a week will be good!

How many of you allow your dogs in your bed? Duke has his own bed in our bedroom and is normally not allowed in our bed!

I sometimes would invite him up after Oscar left for work or would find him there after I had gone to the bathroom! (I figured as long as I’m not in the bed, it’s all good. He is good at ‘off’ when you tell him to get off of something).


Since coming back from a few days away, some guilt set in and I had been allowing him into the bed almost every morning at HIS request!

Not only has he been pulling on walks, not coming when called (or taking a more leisurely return) he has also been a little more ‘cocky’ at the dog park!

Sadly, although I have one of the best spooning dogs ever, it’s back to your own bed Dukesters and cuddles in MY terms (until the next guilt trip anyway!)




About oschar83

???? I hate these things! I'm a bit fickle so it's hard to put in what is important! I love my husband, two kids and my dog! I coupon, garden, decorate, watch tv, like movies and walking my dog, sometimes, just doing absolutely nothing at all!

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