Signs of a good dog


Even though I foster puppies, as opposed to adult dogs, I always do introductions outside of the house. This way Duke knows the intrusion is temporary and the inside is still his my domain!

Within a few days I can normally tell if my foster period is going to fall into the ‘OMG, what did I get myself into?’ or ‘You’re gonna be a tough one to let go!’ category.

My first clue is Duke and Dixie! Dixie LOVES puppies so she is normally a so-so judge of character. Ok, to be honest, she’s a push over!!!


Duke is a little more stand offish but usually comes around! He eventually let’s them sleep with him which tells me he thinks they are okay, but stills wants his space!



The neighbor dog, Sunny, just wants to be a part of the crowd rather than peering through the fence!


The biggest clue: THE CATS! Normally, they run and hide! Hmmm, Meow Meow doesn’t seems to mind this one!


Since Meow Meow didn’t have a problem, I thought I would check with the chickens. Puppy didn’t care about them, she only wanted the food!


Had to check with the kids next door! They seemed to like her ALOT and want to know when they can watch her ‘for a whole day’!



Being such an active family (haha), the next question is sleep!? Well, cute, often and pretty much all night is how she sleeps!




Hmmm, minimal whine in a kennel, fantastic bite inhibition (one yelp), straight-ish tail when dog to dog meeting/doesn’t mind being first sniffed, knows that one grumble from Duke or Dixie means enough and, not that I want to jinx myself, BUT she is 6 weeks old and has NOT pooped in her kennel over night!

Not only are these signs of a good dog but maybe a ‘keeper’?



About oschar83

???? I hate these things! I'm a bit fickle so it's hard to put in what is important! I love my husband, two kids and my dog! I coupon, garden, decorate, watch tv, like movies and walking my dog, sometimes, just doing absolutely nothing at all!

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