I first fostered by sheer fluke! I was either forwarded an email or a post on Facebook and, in one thought, filled out the foster application. Within 1/2 an hour, I was on the phone with the shelter group having an ‘interview’ and picked up puppies the next day. I couldn’t help myself, they were puppies (how hard can puppies be, right?), I thought they were adorable, I loved their names (wait for it) and I was considering getting a 2nd dog anyway, so why not?!

The first group was a litter of five 5 week old shepherd, pug, mastiff, pit-bull maybe, I don’t know, CUTE! I thought I was going to get all 5 but ended up coming home with 2, Lamb & Fish! The rest of the litter was Ham, Beef & Liver if I remember correctly! These two were literally like babies. They cried at 2AM, 4 AM, 6 AM, etc and only wanted cuddles. I would scoop them up with me in a chair and a blanket and off to sleep we would go.

Having been my first experience fostering, I was a little naive to the process. Older dogs, especially in rescue groups, tend to linger waiting for potential adopters sometimes never finding a forever home. The shelter group that I foster for has a brick and mortar location and puppies are adopted lickety-split!

I was given an appointment a little more than 2 weeks after I had gotten them to have them checked and cleared for surgery (yeah don’t get me started again, I addressed that in an earlier post) only to find out that when they clear for surgery, the next step is transport to the adoption center. I wasn’t going to be able to take them back to my house for foster where I expected to have to nurse these two babies back to health after surgery at such a young age! The girl saw the disappointed look on my face while she was explaining this and was very apologetic! She felt bad and wanted to do do something about it!

Yes, Harold (Roldy) and Kumar: the answer to my broken heart! Two playful, FAST, scruffy, cuddly little boys! Although not my type of dog, I kinda liked these two, except for Kumar and his humping! He humped everything! They were cutest when they slept! It was after these two that I decided not to do back to back fosters….but I still loved them!

Next came Lamar and Lemont!

Shepherd Husky mixes that I thought for sure my youngest son, Ryan, would fall in love with. Little did I know it would be Duke! These two came at a time when the weather was nice and we spent tons of time outside rolling around in the grass and laying on blankets. Lemont was a bit more shy but still had tons of play and they loved my daylilys! When I returned for their checkup, it turns out they had the tags mixed up and Lamar, who we thought was the more shepherd looking one, was Lemont and Lemont, the husky looking one was Lamar!

So much for not back to back fostering!  When I dropped Lamar and Lemont off I told them I couldn’t take another foster because we were on vacation and working on the house!  They called me later that day because they had two pups that were pulled for cruelty/neglect!  The story broke my heart so I told them I would take them!  I should have known better because it was just too hectic to keep them the full foster period and I ended up sending them back after a few days simple because of time!

These were my kind of dogs!  GORGEOUS WHITE PITBULLS!!! They didn’t have too many manners and walking on leash, OMG, but you could tell they just needed some structure, some discipline! They learned quick!!  They literally had an orange tinge to them when I got them.  They must have been laying, walking/playing in their own excrement because even after two baths, they were still ‘yellow’!  As I sit here and type this blog, I am watching a video of them playing with Duke!  What a fantastic pair of dogs!  It’s probably a good thing I sent them back after only 3 days because I’m fairly certain that had I kept them longer, I would have kept them forever!  I cried my eyes out when I dropped them off! They were adopted so fast, their pictures never made it to the website for exposure!

My next foster was a white (ya think I like white dogs?) Bull Terrier named Lorris! Anybody remember Spuds Mackenzie? Maybe I’m dating myself. How about the Target dog?

The thing about this one was, she was deaf! I thought, ‘How am I going to train this one?’ Believe it or not, she was one of the easiest dogs to get the point across. A ‘poke’ in the neck or a pinch of the ear and it was like another dog telling her when she did something wrong! She was playful, peaceful, loveable, beautiful, funny, stubby! She loved peanut butter, chasing butterflies, her tail and would follow you almost anywhere. I joked that she would take ‘watches’ instead of walks because she just watched everything. I could probably go on and on about this one! She was the first one that I seriously considered keeping and Dixie LOVED her!

But above all that, the best thing about a deaf dog: they sleep through EVERYTHING!
Drums, thunder, people walking around, TV, you name it, nothing woke her up! When she was out, she was out! I cried when I dropped her off at an adoption event they had on the Mag Mile AND when I found out she did NOT get adopted at that event! I was shocked and ready to go back for her! Normally, once I drop off a foster, that’s the last I here about them. With Lorris, I got a phone call from the foster department because they knew how attached I had gotten, just to let me know that she found a home with a lady who had a friend that owned a puppy day care facility who also owned a deaf dog! Call it kizmit but after her, I needed a break and didn’t foster for about 6 months!

I’m not sure how I ended up with Merci but if Duke and Dixie had puppies, they would look like Merci! She had such long legs and was just a bundle of ‘play with me’. She was a bit too much on the excitable side for Dixie, who is usually the one who plays with the pups, but she was still a sweetheart! I remember her sweet face, goofy ears and sleeping positions! She had tons!

Christmas brought Delta, Theta and Sigma. I was back to babies who ate, slept, pooped and played! These three just loved to cuddle with each other or fall asleep on your lap. They were like tiny teddy bears! Very sweet dogs! I like them when all you need to do is feed them, clean up after them and cuddle them!

There was another long break before Lotus came along and she was literally the one that got away. I seriously thought about keeping her but didn’t. I watched for days on the shelters website to see if she had gotten adopted but after almost a week, nothing. I finally called to see if she had been adopted and they told me that she didn’t have any activity. It was at that point that I was about to tell the lady to put a hold on her, that I was going to come in to adopt her when she said ‘Oh no, wait! She DOES have an adoption pending.’ They were just waiting for the trainer. Because she was a pit-bull, all potential adopters have to take that extra step to make sure the adoption is life long!

The weird thing about this one, the lady who adopted her, ended up being a single mom who couldn’t take care of the baby and the dog so she returned Lotus to Paws. Chance #2 for me to adopt her! We took Duke and Dixie to meet her but she was all energy and Dixie wasn’t having it! Sadly, we had to say no to adopting her the 2nd time but it’s the first time I knew anything about one of my fosters after they left my house.

Next was Smarty and Slushie. In the email I got, they looked a little pit-bull, maybe Lab like. When I picked them up, they were Chihuahua Dachshund, Chi-weenies! I thought OMG, these are going to be the worst puppies to foster, nippy, yappy, little ankle biters! I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM! They had such funny, quirky little personalities. No wonder people like this type of dog and carry them around everywhere they go! They were adorable and sweet!

Duke on the other hand, couldn’t wait for them to leave!

I thought I would work with a pit-bull rescue group and found It’s A Pittie through one of my neighbors. They wanted me to foster a dog name Railroad. Can you guess what the story is behind this one!? Yep, tied up to railroad tracks! He was such a nice dog that the animal control that picked him up kept him in hiding at their office because they knew if he went to the adoption center, he would have a few days and that would be it! We took Duke and Dixie to meet him but Dixie didn’t like him. I couldn’t take a dog that isn’t going to have every opportunity to succeed.

Since Railroad didn’t work out, they were going to give me a 10 week old puppy but found out that he had Parvo. This could have been a death sentence but last I heard, he was doing well!

This brings us to Jadah! Her mom was a pit-bull and her dad was a chocolate lab! Her previous foster mom was going to be working longer hours and her daughter was going back to school so they couldn’t foster her anymore. Jadah was afraid of men and REALLY afraid of my husband but when another dog came around, she was in her glory! She would run, wrestle, play, take a drink and do it all over again! She was happiest when another dog was around! She amazingly found her forever home with another dog and lives next door to another pit-bull. She also seemed to like her new dad.

At this point, I became the foster person they would call when they got pit-bull puppies. Lloyd and Juluis get the most nippiest vote! Sweet pups but mouthy!

Dovie and Bertoli get runner up in the nippy category but #1 in looks! They were found in a ditch half frozen. They brought Dovie back from the brink of death. There was a 3rd pup, Goldie, that I didn’t foster who was so bad off, they didn’t think she would make it! BUT she did!

I must add, all 4 of the last fosters were typical pitties, they hated the cold weather!

FINALLY, the reason for this post…the reason why I started fostering was to decide whether I wanted, needed, could afford, another dog. After all, Dixie was pretty much here most of the time, I already had two dogs, right! By the time I got to Lloyd, Julius, Dovie and Bert, it was only a matter of time.

First, how could I turn down a face like that? Second, she cost me $50 in a parking ticket when I picked her up! Third, Delilah, even though we tried coming up with other names, Delilah fit! Could it BE anymore perfect!? Today Delilah received her very own name tag with a name and an address.

Meet Delilah Munchkinbutt Marroquin!


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