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I knew it had been a long time since I posted anything on this blog but I didn’t realize it was THAT long!  A ton has happened since the end of June!  We celebrated the independence of our country with a parade that Duke didn’t do too well at.  It could have been from the extreme heat and humidity we have been having or the fact the two of the groups were patriotic and shot off guns to salute.  I think the 2nd one put him over the top.  I also was walking him passed a park where a band was practicing for an outdoor event and I noticed he was getting a bit nervous.  The after thought is that the base sounded like thunder!  Hm……I’ve had Duke for 4 years and I’m stilling learning new things about him/dogs everyday!  Just goes to show that training is really never done.  You have to raise a dog just like you do a kid!  Question: Do you take your dog to events like parades?  Is there anything that scares your dog and what do you do to help them cope?

Another major event that happened since I last wrote was the execution of Lennox in Belfast & Wicca in Montreal.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with these cases, they are two dogs that were put to death because they were ‘pitbull type’ dogs and the location they lived have laws that ban or restrict pitbull type dogs!  Lennox had no offenses against him, endured a two year battle where the family fought to save him and Wicca was supposedly spooked and the person involved got scratched and was put down within 2 months time. Both dogs were in their families for about 5 – 7 years, had no previous offenses and were not given either the benefit of doubt OR an opportunity to ‘rehabilitate’.  I could go on and on about how wrong I think this is but I would just like to send my thoughts and prayers to the families who have to live without their beloved pets.  I could not imagine!  Question: How do you feel about ‘pitbull type’ dogs?  Do you think they should be banned or restricted or do you think dog laws should be based on an individual dogs behavior?

On a lighter note, I believe I have more dog friends on Facebook then human ones.  I follow quite a few of the Michael Vick dogs that have either been adopted or are currently ready to be adopted!  One of them is Handsome Dan!  His adoptive family also runs a rescue in his name who had fostered an abused black pitbull named Penny!  It turns out Penny was pregnant and had 10 puppies, 8 of which survived the birth process!  For some reason, I got attached to their updates on Facebook and couldn’t wait for the next photo or video.  Well Pennies Puppies were born the beginning of June and have gone and gotten themselves adopted already!  Being a foster parent of puppies, I’ve often considered fostering a pregnant dog just for the experience.  Thanks to Handsome Dans Rescue and social media, I am a little better informed as to what it takes to foster 8 PUPPIES!  IT TAKES ALLOT!!!  What a beautiful family to have done all that work!  God bless them, I’m not sure I could do it!  Question:  Ever considered fostering?  Would you consider a pregnant animal?

Finally, Delilah received all her shots necessary to start obedience class and a dog park pass!  Needless to say, she loves the dog park!!!  She hasn’t found a dog that she doesn’t like to play with and usually needs a bath when she comes home!  She is doing surprisingly well in obedience class for her age!  She practices heal, back, sit, stay, down, leave it and come.  Duke also continues ‘practicing’ for Canine Good Citizen when Delilah goes to class!  He needs to learn to be much more dog neutral for him pass CGC!   Question:  Do you take your dog to obedience class? Agility?  Does your dog have issues that you would like to correct?  If yes, what are you trying?


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