The Important Things…


Wow, talk about procrastinating!  I thought I would blog more often but it seems that more and more time passes between each post!  With the holidays quickly approaching, time seems to be one of the many things I am in short supply of.  Today is Cyber Monday (when I started writing this post it was anyway) and I have not even gotten half my shopping done; I am THAT person who is normally starts in July and is done in October!  I would normally have all my decorations up already (in and out), the tree would be up and decorated, the presents would be wrapped and I would be working on the menu for Christmas dinner! Oh well, ain’t happenin’ this year!  Sometimes lifes curve balls just don’t allow for the same old routine when it comes to the holidays!  There are, however, a few things that we ALWAYS make time for:


In our house, food is love!  If I’m feeling bad, sad or angry; my husband wants to cook me something, go get me a treat or give me something to snack on!  Our birthdays or accomplishments are celebrated by going out to eat to a location chosen by whomever is being honored!!!!   A puppy in our house always knows they did a good job when the treats come out but when they get bully sticks, WOO HOO, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!  Dixie says NOM NOM NOM!

Where did that mouse go! It’s in there somewhere, I just know it is!

Me luvz tennis ballzzzzz!

You can never have too much play time!  Even with the cold weather and those darned ‘curved balls’, whether it’s a trip to the dog park, PetSmart for a new toy or just running around the back yard, we always find a way to have some fun!  Sometimes Momma even lets some of the neighborhood doggies come over to run around with us or she opens the gate to the shore by the creek so we can get our zoomies out!

Can you say Three Stooges?!?!?!?

Most mornings for us start with a walk! Not one of those leisurely, stop and smell every tree, bush or leave kind of walks (OK sometimes we take those kind) but a disciplined, follow my pack leader, obedience filled walks!   When it comes to dogs, most owners try to get their dogs tired so that they are not so crazy by taking them for long, unorganized walk or dog park trips, not realizing that you don’t need to run a dog ragged to make them tired!  Slow down, get the dogs attention and make them understand what it is that you want from them!  Mental exercise can be far more draining than a 3 mile walk or a free run sprint for a dog!  AND you get a well mannered dog out of it!

Rest, relaxation and snuggles are of utmost importance.  At this time of the year our daily lives, already overwhelmed and overscheduled, are becoming even busier!  There are parties to attend… gifts to buy… greetings to send… and decorating to do. The hustle and bustle of these weeks before Christmas do not seem to offer us any chance to be still.  Take a moment, clear your mind and enjoy a few warm snuggles!!!!!

Catnaps! (no pun intended)


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