What’s in a name?



I guess Duke was appropriately named?  My husband is always sending me cartoons from the paper (<3 – you should see my fridge)….this one was right on target!!!  I’ve posted before about not letting your dogs in your bed.  According to dog obedience trainers, a dog should not be at the masters level because a master is not a dogs equal, therefore, a dog should NOT be in a humans bed.  I continue to fail at this!  Lately Duke has been nudging me at 4:30 in the morning to get into the bed.  Now to stop him is probably not a problem because we did do our due diligence in his training and I could just make him go back and lay down and he would eventually get it.  The problem is Delilah and the fact that she more than likely will not go back to sleep in the morning after Papa leaves for work at 5 am if I don’t let her stay in the bed and give her a neck scratch or two!  (Or is that my guilt telling me that?)  Both dogs sleep all night in their beds on the floor at the foot of my bed but still end up with me eventually!  Why should I continue to set myself up for failure, I guess part time master is not that bad, huh?


Duke and Delilah would agree!



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