Spring has sprung and we are excited!


Today spring has seemingly arrived and we are hoping it is deciding that it likes the Midwest and sticks around. This Good Friday brings temperatures in the norm and may actually get close to 60 today – Woo Hoo!  This makes puppies (& mommas) happy!


Spring and Good Friday means that the Easter bunny will be heading in our direction to bring us puppy friendly eggs to find and candies to eat!  Of course, we need to be Easter ready so’z not to scare’z da bunny before he finds dah gud hidin’ spaces!!


Since the weather will be nicer, we will need to get outside and have some fun getting ready for the Easter bunny!

With the sun a shinin’ today, we wanted to remind everybody that they need to protect the ol’ eyeballs!


Let us not forget that although Easter brings eggs, candy, food and family, for some, it also brings the celebration of the risen Lord!

SO, no matter whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or just the love of bunnies and eggs, Duke and Delilah (and the rest of us humans and kitties) would like to wish everyone a very warm spring and a very Happy Easter!


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