I’m so proud of myself!


I am such a bad person when it comes to commitment and consistency as evident in my posts to this blog!!  I sometimes find it hard to find things to ‘write’ about, even with 2 of my own dogs and 2 grand-dogs; they on the other hand can be pretty consistent and do the same things all day long which doesn’t give me much to go with in the ‘journalism’ department!

Today, however, I had an experience that I just have to share!  My son lives just a mile away so this morning I walked over to pickup my grand-puppies rather than drive to get them!  Thought I’d get a bit of exercise since it was such a lovely day!  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but I had my two puppies with me!  This means, I’d be going home with 4 dogs, two of which are 1 year or younger!  I’m sure professional dog walkers do this everyday, maybe even a few times a day but this was my first!


I couldn’t hold my head high enough!  I would love to say it was my good looks that had heads turning this morning but I must give the kudos to my fabulous puppies and obedience training!  They did such a fantastic job and look at the happy faces when we got home (don’t ya just love a pittie smile)!!!  There is nothing like walking down the street, FOUR PIT-BULL TYPE DOGS IN HAND walking calmly and respectfully!!!  Cesar Millan, you would have been impressed!

IMG_3224 (2)


Aren’t they gorgeous!?

Delilah, Darwin, Duke and Dixie

You made me proud this morning!




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