Dogs Don’t Bite “Out of the Blue”


Since I haven’t had too much to post about, I saw this today and thought I would share with you all! I may do a few ‘dog safety’ posts since the weather is getting so nice and the dogs will be running a muck in abundance!

Although my opinion is biased, Duke is a very good dog;  he, however, does NOT have good dog to dog greeting manners!!  I have to be careful when passing other dogs or with dog introductions.  I normally have to get close enough to the human, wait for him to relax and turn Duke so he gives the butt first (he won’t give it up on his own).  Although we’ve been working on it, if he were off leash, he would run up to the dog; nose to nose, and as long as the other dog doesn’t react to his aggressive approach, Dukes would get a sniff, go to pee on something and that’s all. I KNOW he doesn’t mean any harm but the other dog or owners can get freaked out very easily, rightly so.

The other day, we were on the front porch.  I had both Duke and Delilah on LONG leashes in a down stay for ‘leave it’ practice.  A guy with a dog roller bladed by.  At first I thought the dogs were doing good, showing signs of excitement but staying down!  The human and dog got just past the porch and (@$%#^&*_) Duke takes off.  Of course, Delilah followed suit.  Well, Delilah stopped when she got to the end of her leash but Dukes tether broke.  He ended up knocking the human to over and the dog just started squealing because he scared them so badly and the human had to jump to his feet and pick up the dog to get it away from Duke!  I felt horrible – I must find a way to get his behavior to stop!  Dukes actions could so easily turn into a bite or even a fight!

On that note, here are some signs of what appear to be friendly but are actually the dog asking you not to approach.



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