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Don’t be a chicken eater…


About 3 years ago, my son decided to get chickens so that he didn’t have to buy eggs anymore.  He is getting into all this zombie apocalypse, prepper stuff lately. Or maybe it’s just wanting less to do with corporations or government anything and just be a self sufficient human being! My husband decided to jump on that bandwagon! City girl that I am, my first thought was ‘I may be able to eat the eggs but if you want me to eat that meat, it better come back to the house on styrofoam wrapped in plastic!’  Before you read any further, we haven’t slaughtered a chicken yet!  Keep reading, I don’t see it happening!

Look what we started with!!!


Obviously, I’m an animal lover!  Needless to say, I fell in love with the ‘chick-i-poos’!!


They’ve become my chickie girls!  I love watching them run around the yard, scratching the ground looking for bugs, grabbing fruit or veggies that I throw in the yard for them and even eating my hostas.  Even though every country song tells you that’s what ya do when you’re bored; I think it’s hilarious to watch them.  They come as soon as they hear my voice thinking they are gonna get some goodies, probably because they usually do.

BUT, that’s not the reason why I started writing this post.  This is a dogs blog…my Duke LOVES chicken just a little too much!!!


They say dog training is a never ending process and I can vouch for that!  Duke was 4 or 5 when we got our first chicks.  I should have known the chirping would drive him nuts because he destroys squeaky toys in seconds!  I will forego all the gory details but three chickens later, my Duke can stay in the yard with the chickens BY HIMSELF!!!  (Delilah too but she never cared about the chickens)! It took quite a bit of walking around the yard with him on leash and the chickens fluttering about clucking away until he learned what proper behavior was but he is now a chicken friendly dog!  I even had to teach my husband that Duke was NOT going to eat a chicken because every time they were in the yard together, Duke wanted to chase them.  He had it in his mind that Duke was gonna get a chicken and he was just waiting for it to happen; inevitably, it did!  His energy was setting Duke up for failure!!!

Back to the never ending training process:

2015-08-27 10.09.59

This little munchkin LOVES chickens too!


You wouldn’t think that a 14-ish week old puppy, or maybe I didn’t think he would, but he caught one!!!!  No damage done, just a tired husband, an excited puppy, a freaked out chicken and a foster momma back on the chicken training path.  He is a pretty quick learner and a good boy so it didn’t take him too long to get what I wanted.  The rest of the training will be up to his new mom and dad though!

2015-09-01 15.40.27

2015-08-31 15.36.05

2015-08-27 09.46.00

2015-08-27 09.14.07

2015-08-31 18.50.09

Not only am I finished with my part of fostering this pup but he has already also found his forever home WITH friends of the family so I will be able to see him again and again!!!  Probably a good thing; he reminded me of Duke in more ways than just chicken eatin’. He quite possible could have been a foster failure!!!!


I’m Back…


I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything and I’m sure you’re all wondering where I’ve been.  Well, in short, we lost my Mom at the end of July, switched voice over ip phone systems at work (what a nightmare), took a long weekend with some of my favorite girls, had a new server installed at work at the same time our installer lost his Dad and his backup had family emergencies as well.  (deep breath in, ssslllooowww exhale out).  With all that we are also attempting to sell my Moms house without an agent and I think it’s starting to weigh on my husband who has been acting as the real estate agent since he is bi-lingual.   I think it may be time to find a pro!

That’s a lot, isn’t it!? Well don’t feel too bad for the ol’ hubby because in the midst of all that, my boss came to me in September and asked if I wanted (ha ha) to go to a conference in, of all places, Orlando!  For those of who you don’t know my husband, over the last 30 years he has connived 🙂 a trip to Orlando between 8 – 10 times.  To say this is one of his favorite vacations would definitely be an understatement!  He earned this one though, so while I sat in a hotel conference for 8 – 9 hours a day, he putzed around Orlando sending me texts of all the places he’d been!  Not a bad way to see Disney if ya ask me!  (Don’t feel bad for me either, we took some time for vacation as well!)

Honestly, I’ve had this blog on my mind for some time since my mom passed away in July but never really came up with anything that I felt would warrant a post.  Today, I got a tag on Facebook from a lady I know who works with a rescue group (Chicago Pit Stop to give them a plug) who has been trying to get me to foster for them for some time.   My first thought was that there were puppies at Chicago Animal and Control that needed rescuing and they couldn’t be pulled until she had a foster home set up (her tags make me nervous because I am SSOO ready to foster again).  To my surprise, this is the picture she tagged me in!  Can you imagine how tickled I was!   OK, I’m biased, but aren’t my babies gorgeous!



Darwin, Duke, Delilah and Dixie!

Fosters puppies are coming soon too!  Feelin’ the urge!

Don’t forget that October is breast cancer awareness month also!  My mom was a breast cancer survivor <3!!


Happy 4th of July


Independence Day is fast approaching!  This year it ends up on a Thursday with many companies closing on the 5th for extended weekends.



Dogs Don’t Bite “Out of the Blue”


Since I haven’t had too much to post about, I saw this today and thought I would share with you all! I may do a few ‘dog safety’ posts since the weather is getting so nice and the dogs will be running a muck in abundance!

Although my opinion is biased, Duke is a very good dog;  he, however, does NOT have good dog to dog greeting manners!!  I have to be careful when passing other dogs or with dog introductions.  I normally have to get close enough to the human, wait for him to relax and turn Duke so he gives the butt first (he won’t give it up on his own).  Although we’ve been working on it, if he were off leash, he would run up to the dog; nose to nose, and as long as the other dog doesn’t react to his aggressive approach, Dukes would get a sniff, go to pee on something and that’s all. I KNOW he doesn’t mean any harm but the other dog or owners can get freaked out very easily, rightly so.

The other day, we were on the front porch.  I had both Duke and Delilah on LONG leashes in a down stay for ‘leave it’ practice.  A guy with a dog roller bladed by.  At first I thought the dogs were doing good, showing signs of excitement but staying down!  The human and dog got just past the porch and (@$%#^&*_) Duke takes off.  Of course, Delilah followed suit.  Well, Delilah stopped when she got to the end of her leash but Dukes tether broke.  He ended up knocking the human to over and the dog just started squealing because he scared them so badly and the human had to jump to his feet and pick up the dog to get it away from Duke!  I felt horrible – I must find a way to get his behavior to stop!  Dukes actions could so easily turn into a bite or even a fight!

On that note, here are some signs of what appear to be friendly but are actually the dog asking you not to approach.


The Important Things…


Wow, talk about procrastinating!  I thought I would blog more often but it seems that more and more time passes between each post!  With the holidays quickly approaching, time seems to be one of the many things I am in short supply of.  Today is Cyber Monday (when I started writing this post it was anyway) and I have not even gotten half my shopping done; I am THAT person who is normally starts in July and is done in October!  I would normally have all my decorations up already (in and out), the tree would be up and decorated, the presents would be wrapped and I would be working on the menu for Christmas dinner! Oh well, ain’t happenin’ this year!  Sometimes lifes curve balls just don’t allow for the same old routine when it comes to the holidays!  There are, however, a few things that we ALWAYS make time for:


In our house, food is love!  If I’m feeling bad, sad or angry; my husband wants to cook me something, go get me a treat or give me something to snack on!  Our birthdays or accomplishments are celebrated by going out to eat to a location chosen by whomever is being honored!!!!   A puppy in our house always knows they did a good job when the treats come out but when they get bully sticks, WOO HOO, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!  Dixie says NOM NOM NOM!

Where did that mouse go! It’s in there somewhere, I just know it is!

Me luvz tennis ballzzzzz!

You can never have too much play time!  Even with the cold weather and those darned ‘curved balls’, whether it’s a trip to the dog park, PetSmart for a new toy or just running around the back yard, we always find a way to have some fun!  Sometimes Momma even lets some of the neighborhood doggies come over to run around with us or she opens the gate to the shore by the creek so we can get our zoomies out!

Can you say Three Stooges?!?!?!?

Most mornings for us start with a walk! Not one of those leisurely, stop and smell every tree, bush or leave kind of walks (OK sometimes we take those kind) but a disciplined, follow my pack leader, obedience filled walks!   When it comes to dogs, most owners try to get their dogs tired so that they are not so crazy by taking them for long, unorganized walk or dog park trips, not realizing that you don’t need to run a dog ragged to make them tired!  Slow down, get the dogs attention and make them understand what it is that you want from them!  Mental exercise can be far more draining than a 3 mile walk or a free run sprint for a dog!  AND you get a well mannered dog out of it!

Rest, relaxation and snuggles are of utmost importance.  At this time of the year our daily lives, already overwhelmed and overscheduled, are becoming even busier!  There are parties to attend… gifts to buy… greetings to send… and decorating to do. The hustle and bustle of these weeks before Christmas do not seem to offer us any chance to be still.  Take a moment, clear your mind and enjoy a few warm snuggles!!!!!

Catnaps! (no pun intended)