I’m Back…


I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything and I’m sure you’re all wondering where I’ve been.  Well, in short, we lost my Mom at the end of July, switched voice over ip phone systems at work (what a nightmare), took a long weekend with some of my favorite girls, had a new server installed at work at the same time our installer lost his Dad and his backup had family emergencies as well.  (deep breath in, ssslllooowww exhale out).  With all that we are also attempting to sell my Moms house without an agent and I think it’s starting to weigh on my husband who has been acting as the real estate agent since he is bi-lingual.   I think it may be time to find a pro!

That’s a lot, isn’t it!? Well don’t feel too bad for the ol’ hubby because in the midst of all that, my boss came to me in September and asked if I wanted (ha ha) to go to a conference in, of all places, Orlando!  For those of who you don’t know my husband, over the last 30 years he has connived 🙂 a trip to Orlando between 8 – 10 times.  To say this is one of his favorite vacations would definitely be an understatement!  He earned this one though, so while I sat in a hotel conference for 8 – 9 hours a day, he putzed around Orlando sending me texts of all the places he’d been!  Not a bad way to see Disney if ya ask me!  (Don’t feel bad for me either, we took some time for vacation as well!)

Honestly, I’ve had this blog on my mind for some time since my mom passed away in July but never really came up with anything that I felt would warrant a post.  Today, I got a tag on Facebook from a lady I know who works with a rescue group (Chicago Pit Stop to give them a plug) who has been trying to get me to foster for them for some time.   My first thought was that there were puppies at Chicago Animal and Control that needed rescuing and they couldn’t be pulled until she had a foster home set up (her tags make me nervous because I am SSOO ready to foster again).  To my surprise, this is the picture she tagged me in!  Can you imagine how tickled I was!   OK, I’m biased, but aren’t my babies gorgeous!



Darwin, Duke, Delilah and Dixie!

Fosters puppies are coming soon too!  Feelin’ the urge!

Don’t forget that October is breast cancer awareness month also!  My mom was a breast cancer survivor <3!!



Dog Safe Foods




I said to my husband the other day, ‘for as many dogs as I’ve had in my life; I’ve never had a relationship with one like I do with Duke’ (and more & more daily with Delilah).  maybe that comes with age, NO maturity (because that doesn’t necessarily come with age).  I’ve said time and time again, I’ve has learned so much beginning with my sons’ dog Harley about dogs – I can’ just watch them all day anymore (maybe that comes with age?).

Long ago, whatever was leftover didn’t get thrown away, it went in the dogs bowl!  I wonder if the life expectancy of our beloved canines are longer now because we know better?  I’m sure most o the items at the bottom of this list were fed to our animals!   I DO give my dogs table scraps, I know some people are against this.  I am, however, much more cautious about what I am passing to them.

Feel free to save the picture and post it on your fridge!

dog safe foods

Happy 4th of July


Independence Day is fast approaching!  This year it ends up on a Thursday with many companies closing on the 5th for extended weekends.



Dogs Don’t Bite “Out of the Blue”


Since I haven’t had too much to post about, I saw this today and thought I would share with you all! I may do a few ‘dog safety’ posts since the weather is getting so nice and the dogs will be running a muck in abundance!

Although my opinion is biased, Duke is a very good dog;  he, however, does NOT have good dog to dog greeting manners!!  I have to be careful when passing other dogs or with dog introductions.  I normally have to get close enough to the human, wait for him to relax and turn Duke so he gives the butt first (he won’t give it up on his own).  Although we’ve been working on it, if he were off leash, he would run up to the dog; nose to nose, and as long as the other dog doesn’t react to his aggressive approach, Dukes would get a sniff, go to pee on something and that’s all. I KNOW he doesn’t mean any harm but the other dog or owners can get freaked out very easily, rightly so.

The other day, we were on the front porch.  I had both Duke and Delilah on LONG leashes in a down stay for ‘leave it’ practice.  A guy with a dog roller bladed by.  At first I thought the dogs were doing good, showing signs of excitement but staying down!  The human and dog got just past the porch and (@$%#^&*_) Duke takes off.  Of course, Delilah followed suit.  Well, Delilah stopped when she got to the end of her leash but Dukes tether broke.  He ended up knocking the human to over and the dog just started squealing because he scared them so badly and the human had to jump to his feet and pick up the dog to get it away from Duke!  I felt horrible – I must find a way to get his behavior to stop!  Dukes actions could so easily turn into a bite or even a fight!

On that note, here are some signs of what appear to be friendly but are actually the dog asking you not to approach.


I’m so proud of myself!


I am such a bad person when it comes to commitment and consistency as evident in my posts to this blog!!  I sometimes find it hard to find things to ‘write’ about, even with 2 of my own dogs and 2 grand-dogs; they on the other hand can be pretty consistent and do the same things all day long which doesn’t give me much to go with in the ‘journalism’ department!

Today, however, I had an experience that I just have to share!  My son lives just a mile away so this morning I walked over to pickup my grand-puppies rather than drive to get them!  Thought I’d get a bit of exercise since it was such a lovely day!  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but I had my two puppies with me!  This means, I’d be going home with 4 dogs, two of which are 1 year or younger!  I’m sure professional dog walkers do this everyday, maybe even a few times a day but this was my first!


I couldn’t hold my head high enough!  I would love to say it was my good looks that had heads turning this morning but I must give the kudos to my fabulous puppies and obedience training!  They did such a fantastic job and look at the happy faces when we got home (don’t ya just love a pittie smile)!!!  There is nothing like walking down the street, FOUR PIT-BULL TYPE DOGS IN HAND walking calmly and respectfully!!!  Cesar Millan, you would have been impressed!

IMG_3224 (2)


Aren’t they gorgeous!?

Delilah, Darwin, Duke and Dixie

You made me proud this morning!



WANTED: Thunder Buddies


Well, Duke WAS excited about spring until the clouds rolled in, the drops started falling and the thunder started booming!

Our beds aren’t high enough for him, he tried two of them. After unsuccessfully trying to get into my sons bedroom to attempt yet another bed, he navigated to a bathroom where I’m sure he would have gotten in the tub if not for Amanda needing to shower for work! Albeit slowly, I managed to get him to walk out of the bathroom on his own!

Finally settling on a nose in the corner spot under my desk, he relaxed enough to at least stop panting! It was probably the worst he has gotten in awhile! 😦

Any other grey shirt wearing puppies out there?

Any tips on how to make your Thunder Buddy more comfortable until the storm blows over?!

Spring has sprung and we are excited!


Today spring has seemingly arrived and we are hoping it is deciding that it likes the Midwest and sticks around. This Good Friday brings temperatures in the norm and may actually get close to 60 today – Woo Hoo!  This makes puppies (& mommas) happy!


Spring and Good Friday means that the Easter bunny will be heading in our direction to bring us puppy friendly eggs to find and candies to eat!  Of course, we need to be Easter ready so’z not to scare’z da bunny before he finds dah gud hidin’ spaces!!


Since the weather will be nicer, we will need to get outside and have some fun getting ready for the Easter bunny!

With the sun a shinin’ today, we wanted to remind everybody that they need to protect the ol’ eyeballs!


Let us not forget that although Easter brings eggs, candy, food and family, for some, it also brings the celebration of the risen Lord!

SO, no matter whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or just the love of bunnies and eggs, Duke and Delilah (and the rest of us humans and kitties) would like to wish everyone a very warm spring and a very Happy Easter!