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Dog Safe Foods




I said to my husband the other day, ‘for as many dogs as I’ve had in my life; I’ve never had a relationship with one like I do with Duke’ (and more & more daily with Delilah).  maybe that comes with age, NO maturity (because that doesn’t necessarily come with age).  I’ve said time and time again, I’ve has learned so much beginning with my sons’ dog Harley about dogs – I can’ just watch them all day anymore (maybe that comes with age?).

Long ago, whatever was leftover didn’t get thrown away, it went in the dogs bowl!  I wonder if the life expectancy of our beloved canines are longer now because we know better?  I’m sure most o the items at the bottom of this list were fed to our animals!   I DO give my dogs table scraps, I know some people are against this.  I am, however, much more cautious about what I am passing to them.

Feel free to save the picture and post it on your fridge!

dog safe foods


Happy 4th of July


Independence Day is fast approaching!  This year it ends up on a Thursday with many companies closing on the 5th for extended weekends.



‘Chicken Soup’ For The Dog Lovers Soul


I’m sure you all know the feeling… sore and scratchy throat, cough, headache! It seemed to be a weenie of a cold and travelled quickly from my head to my nose down to my chest within a few days. Other than a tickle in my throat, I thought I had it licked. A few days of feeling bad and coughing like crazy and it was gone! Woo Hoo, Cold 2013 was a minor event, in and out before spring even started!

Yesterday I woke up and was so congested and weak, every breath I could take followed with about a 30 second coughing fit!!! I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I felt it creeping back over the weekend but didn’t think anything of it since it wasn’t so bad initially. Cold 2013 came in like a lamb but surely was going out like a lion. UGH!

Well, if there is a positive to being sick, it’s my furry buddies who didn’t leave my side.


I spent the entire day on the couch and they were right there with me, one at my back/feet, the other in front in ‘spoon’ position!


Almost makes not feeling well worth while, ALMOST!

Here’s to hoping Cold 2013 doesn’t hang around, hubby started with the same symptoms today! Let’s see if the puppers are into snuggling with Papa too!

Forget the Pibble knees…


I had intended on having this post be a part 2 of Whats With Pibble Knees and how breeders of all dogs, not just pitties, are ruining the quality of ALL breeds!  They don’t care about what the outcome is, they just want numbers.  The more in the litter or the more litters per year, the more dollars they get, whether its puppy mills or dog fighters.  In a perfect world, EVERYONE would just go to a reputable breeder to get their dogs.  Shelters would be extinct!  It would be an honor to breed dogs, create life and get quality living, breathing beings; they would care what was produced!  They would go to wonderful homes and would be taken care, as family members, until they die!  Teaching their human children the right and wrong way to treat animals so that when they had their own homes, the process would start all over again. OK I’m back from Lalaland!

Every time I started writing or thinking about the direction the post would take me, I found myself getting angry, sad or disgusted just thinking about what happens to animals in puppy mills, basement cages or secluded dog fighting ‘arenas’.  That’s one of the reasons I started fostering!  I couldn’t stand going to the shelters, seeing the animals in cages, barking like crazy, pleading with their eyes to get out.  Maybe I’m a weenie, I don’t know!  It broke my heart!  On the other hand, I’m not a person who would do well in a customer service job because I would most definitely give you my opinion and it was surely coming out when I was thinking about backyard breeders, puppy mills or dog fighters!  It would not have been a positive post!  Anybody interested in reading these posts are more than likely dog/animal lovers, have dogs/animals of their own or volunteers with dogs/animals/shelters and they already know what comes and goes, the horror stories about shelters/abused animals and how dreadful people can be and feel the same as I do ANYWAY!!

There is probably not, in recent history, a more prominent backyard breeder, dog fighter, animal abuser than Michael Vick and his Bad Newz Kennels!  After Michael Vick’s 51 pit bulls were seized from his property in April 2007, two rescue groups took most of them in — Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, and BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) in San Francisco. Don’t get me started on this topic!

Finally, the positive and the direction this post SHOULD go…

Although the Vicktory dogs don’t have perfect stories, most have perfect, positive endings!  If you follow any of them on Facebook (and if you don’t, I suggest you do), you can see that although they still have some issues and health problems, they are wonderful dogs, in fantastic homes with loving families who are willing to do the work that they needed, not only for the Vick dogs but for many other fosters as well!

Today, instead of beating a dead horse and  bashing people who do everything wrong when it comes to animals or pitbulls, read about where a few of these dogs are today, 5 years later!  All because of the work of loving people who didn’t think these dogs should just be discarded.  They knew they deserved a second chance and, OBVIOUSLY, rightly so!

Good Newz…

…and a smilearrow-down

IMG_0159 (2)

Darwin sez ‘How you doin’?’
Way to go Vicktory Dogs!

The Important Things…


Wow, talk about procrastinating!  I thought I would blog more often but it seems that more and more time passes between each post!  With the holidays quickly approaching, time seems to be one of the many things I am in short supply of.  Today is Cyber Monday (when I started writing this post it was anyway) and I have not even gotten half my shopping done; I am THAT person who is normally starts in July and is done in October!  I would normally have all my decorations up already (in and out), the tree would be up and decorated, the presents would be wrapped and I would be working on the menu for Christmas dinner! Oh well, ain’t happenin’ this year!  Sometimes lifes curve balls just don’t allow for the same old routine when it comes to the holidays!  There are, however, a few things that we ALWAYS make time for:


In our house, food is love!  If I’m feeling bad, sad or angry; my husband wants to cook me something, go get me a treat or give me something to snack on!  Our birthdays or accomplishments are celebrated by going out to eat to a location chosen by whomever is being honored!!!!   A puppy in our house always knows they did a good job when the treats come out but when they get bully sticks, WOO HOO, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!  Dixie says NOM NOM NOM!

Where did that mouse go! It’s in there somewhere, I just know it is!

Me luvz tennis ballzzzzz!

You can never have too much play time!  Even with the cold weather and those darned ‘curved balls’, whether it’s a trip to the dog park, PetSmart for a new toy or just running around the back yard, we always find a way to have some fun!  Sometimes Momma even lets some of the neighborhood doggies come over to run around with us or she opens the gate to the shore by the creek so we can get our zoomies out!

Can you say Three Stooges?!?!?!?

Most mornings for us start with a walk! Not one of those leisurely, stop and smell every tree, bush or leave kind of walks (OK sometimes we take those kind) but a disciplined, follow my pack leader, obedience filled walks!   When it comes to dogs, most owners try to get their dogs tired so that they are not so crazy by taking them for long, unorganized walk or dog park trips, not realizing that you don’t need to run a dog ragged to make them tired!  Slow down, get the dogs attention and make them understand what it is that you want from them!  Mental exercise can be far more draining than a 3 mile walk or a free run sprint for a dog!  AND you get a well mannered dog out of it!

Rest, relaxation and snuggles are of utmost importance.  At this time of the year our daily lives, already overwhelmed and overscheduled, are becoming even busier!  There are parties to attend… gifts to buy… greetings to send… and decorating to do. The hustle and bustle of these weeks before Christmas do not seem to offer us any chance to be still.  Take a moment, clear your mind and enjoy a few warm snuggles!!!!!

Catnaps! (no pun intended)