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Darwin Von Doodlebug IV


Social media has it’s good points and bad points!  The bad being, what ends up on social media – STAYS on social media, especially pictures!  Facebook can be like a therapy session that the rest of you have to ‘listen’ to but it can also be like a picture diary.  With the events of this past week, I keep telling myself to stay off Facebook but like a train wreck, my ADD brings me back time and time again, looking back, like a movie of the past year at pictures or posts – torturing myself, not knowing why I keep doing it.

On Fridays, the ‘grandkids’ come over if Tracy has to work to have some puppy play time.  Delilah loves when Darwin comes over because he puts up with her ‘play’.  After Oscar came home, we had gone out to get something to eat and when we came back, my son , Ryan, told us that Darwin had thrown up! Hmm, not that unusual! With a total of 8 animals in the household at one time or another, any one of them could be spewing something. It wasn’t even an after thought, it was time to feed the dogs! Four dogs, four bowls, four places!  I ran out to the store and when I got back, my husband told me that Darwin had thrown up 2 more times! Within about 4 – 5 hours he threw up a total of 4 times.  Looking back now, he went from his jumpy, playful perky self to an ‘I don’t feel so good Mommy!’ little boy!  We called Brandon to let him know and he ended up being up with him all night (he is such a good doggy daddy)!

Saturday morning, the vet managed to squeezed him in, gave him a quick once over, x-rays, a few shots for the nausea and sub Q fluids and sent him home with some anti nausea medicine.   Darwin seemed to be a little better throughout the day but still not his barking at every squirrel, no depth perception/bumps into everything, so excited to see you self.  Brandon kept in contact with the vet by email/phone throughout the weekend and on Sunday, they both decided he probably needed to go back in Monday morning; but that if he got any worse, he should go to the emergency vet but expect them to opt for emergency surgery (which wouldn’t have been a surprise).  Darwin managed to keep some food down and was still drinking but wasn’t getting any better!

Monday morning back to the vet, more exams, blood work, xrays, barium series this time and, low and behold…an obstruction.  The dye never left his stomach and seemed to be getting absorbed by something.  Surgery it would be!  His vitals weren’t that great so the vet decided that they would get his numbers up and do the surgery Tuesday morning.   The surgery was successful, he had two blockages.  They found some stringy stuff and some plastic stuff (possibly a nylon bone).  They showed it to Brandon, I don’t know all the details on exactly what it was but, YAY, it was out and Darwin would be on the road to recover!  He stayed at the vet all day Tuesday and Brandon was able to pick him up on Wednesday after 2 pm.  Oscar and I went over to see Darwin that evening and so Oscar could help Brandon cut a counter top.  I sat and cuddled with Darwin (& Dixie).  He was doing good, normal after surgery grogginess but still gently hopping off the couch, wagging his tail when he saw Papa and then back on the couch for cuddles with Nana!  Sicky little boy, I will just cuddle you and it will be all better very soon! ❤

Thursday morning Brandon says that Darwin had a bad night, couldn’t get comfortable, was very restless and flopping in bed.  He wasn’t able to keep his medicine down and hadn’t really had anything to eat although he was drinking water.  Around 6 am, he had gone out and pooped ‘a little nugget’ but by around 7 am he was projectile vomiting all over the place, whining and shaking in pain.   Tracy called the vet and rushed him back in so they could administer the medicines by shot or IV and see what else was going on.

I’ll make the rest of this quick, because that’s how it went…by around 11:30 am they were rushing him back into surgery, by around 1:30…he was gone!  Apparently, the part of the intestine after the blockage gets weak from the lack of blood flow or fluids and ruptured.  Our beloved, 2nd foster failure, bull in a china shop, has to lean against you even when he walks, licks you CONSTANTLY, rests his head on your knee/leg/arm while you’re eating was gone.  As I type this, I still can’t believe it, how fast it all happened or that it happened at all.

There aren’t too many dogs that I look at that I don’t think are cute, I pretty much love them all but Darwin had THE most gorgeous face around and he always melted your heart when he looked at you with that heart shaped nose.  I just couldn’t help but smooch his face, even when he was in trouble or getting on my nerves!

I completely forgot that this was his full name until I started writing this (some how the boys in our house got LONG names)!  Social media therapy also allows one to write down their thoughts, removing them from a persons head, releasing just a little hurt, although any animal lover  knows, not all of it and not forever!

Here’s to you – Darwin Von Doodlebug IV!   Your life was SO short, we had you for just one year but the imprint you have left us with will last us a lifetime!

RIP my gorgeous Tin Man

08/??/12 – 11/14/13

photo 1


photo 3


1057813_10200495243445998_1821293056_n  DARWIN DIXIE



Where does the time go!?


This summer for us and the dogs has just gone by SO fast that I am having a hard time even remembering the fun things we’ve done let alone posting things to this blog.  My initial intention was a daily post of dogs and fosters and the things they do, maybe a training tip or two!  It turned to weekly, then monthly and now they are just random!  Between the ungodly weather and hospital visits, time really has just flown by! So here is, hopefully, a quick synopsis of what has been going on other than normal doggy antics, walks and funnies:

The most important, for me anyway, is that Mom is doing MUCH better!  Although she still needs ‘drainings’ about every 5 days or so, it seems to only be the lungs and not both, belly and lungs!  Medications are still being adjusted and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will not need any permanent procedures that could cause more damage than do good!  We shall will know more tomorrow!

For those of you who don’t know Oscar and I on a personal level, we have been together for 30 years this past May!  It’s safe to say that we don’t ‘date’ that much anymore!  Well, on August 18th we got casually dressed up, hopped in the car to have a bite to eat and went downtown to see a movie called Beyond the Myth!  It’s a film about Breed Specific Legislation!  Anyone who owns a bully breed or pitbull type dog knows this discrimination, even if you have just gotten a strange look from a passer by or someone who has crossed the street when walking another dog!  That is bad enough and hard to NOT take personal!  This movie shows the real statistics, media bias and first hand accounts of family dogs unfairly taken from families for no good reason and destroyed simply because of their looks!  For anyone who followed Lennox in Belfast or Wicca in Canada, it’s a must see!  Yes, a tear jerker at times but eye opening as well!  We got to meet Fifty, the 2-legged pitbull!  What a ham and talk about ‘enlightened by a dog’!!!  A sad story, injury to the dog caused by human fear or ignorance and NO grudges held!  This is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet!  LOVE HIM!!!!

Delilah signed up for her PAWS pit-bull required basic obedience class!  I think she is a quickly becoming a Daddys girl because Oscar took Delilah for all her training classes while I kept Duke in a ‘sit-stay’ outside the rink!  We would purposely get to class early, before all the other dogs, so he could practice his ‘leave it’ while all the dogs paraded passed him to enter the rink!  He did very well and it’s starting to show on our walks!  Delilah did FANTASTIC in her basic classes learning heal, about turns, sit, stay, down, stand and leave it!  I am a proud Momma, she GRADUATED FIRST IN HER CLASS!  Not that I want to brag (ok, I want to brag) but that is 4 dogs, 4 basic obedience classes and 4 blue ribbons!  Woo Hoo!  It would be nice if that was the end of dog training but we all know different!  I’m sure Delilah will be signed up for an advance class soon and the training will continue…

Sometime before we got Delilah, we signed Duke and Dixie up for a dog walking group called Chicago Sociabulls.  It’s a ‘dog walking group founded in 2011 to provide an opportunity for socialization and exercise through an on-leash pack walking experience for pit bull-type dogs and their allies.’  With the summer months and the popularity of the group, there was a waiting list.  Our turn to join the walk finally came up two weeks ago!  We did our first required dogless walk and then got our registration to signup for events!  Their site is a bit like a Facebook friends page for dogs!  The new member coordinator wanted to make sure I ‘friend-ed’ her dog, which I did!

Boy that dog looks familiar!  O M GEEEEEEEEEEEE Could it be?

Merci?  Is that you?

I couldn’t type fast enough to send an email to the coordinator of the group to find out if she adopted her dog from PAWS!  Yes, she had adopted her dog from PAWS and yes, it WAS Merci!  I was overjoyed!

Being a foster family, the joy comes from taking care of the animal while they are in your home.  We treat them as if they are our own!  You feed them, clean them, walk them, discipline them and love them!  Then you cry your eyes out when it’s time to take them in for their surgery and transport to the adoption center where they will meet their forever families!  Job well done!  Normally, I stalk the website to see when they post their ‘recent pet adoptions’ just so I can get a glimpse of the new Mommy and/or Daddy!  I smile and cry a little more!  Now bring me the next puppy!

Mercis’ new mom was just as excited as I was which also made me ecstatic!  Long story short, I would have been happy with a current photo of Merci but her new family was willing to come over to my house for a play date and I was able to get a few more smooches!

She and Delilah became fast friends and I believe she even remembered Papa Oscar and the pond!

(All foster puppies end up curiously falling into the pond and get their first swimming lesson!)

We even got to walk together on Sunday at our first SociaBulls walk !

As if that isn’t ‘exhaustingly exciting’ enough!   In showing Mercis’ new Mommy the collage of photos I have of all my fosters, she notices that one of my other fosters looks familiar! From afar the dog looks more like an American Bulldog rather than a Pibble so I discount that it could happen twice in one week! I happen to be viewing pictures from previous SociaBulls walks and I notice a familiar GUY!  Yep, the guy not the dog!  (Remember I said I stalk the website to find the recent adoptions photos?) I compare the photo of the guy and his dog to the photo I stalked from the past adoptions!  I squeal!

Those ears on that dog have spots!  I didn’t notice that before!

OH MY, NOT AGAIN!  Is that my lipstick wearing pitbull China Girl!?

I do believe I may have a heart attack!  Confirmed via email!  That is China Girl!

 More emails flew back and forth with photos included and, by golly, another foster found!  As I said to both adoptive families, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine having any knowledge of one of my fosters and yet, I’ve found, by chance, two in one week!

Thank you Chicago SociaBulls for creating a group that led me to two of my past babies, both adoptive families for being receptive to the small role I played in their animals life and to my husband!!!  I could not foster if not for his help!!!