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I’m Back…


I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything and I’m sure you’re all wondering where I’ve been.  Well, in short, we lost my Mom at the end of July, switched voice over ip phone systems at work (what a nightmare), took a long weekend with some of my favorite girls, had a new server installed at work at the same time our installer lost his Dad and his backup had family emergencies as well.  (deep breath in, ssslllooowww exhale out).  With all that we are also attempting to sell my Moms house without an agent and I think it’s starting to weigh on my husband who has been acting as the real estate agent since he is bi-lingual.   I think it may be time to find a pro!

That’s a lot, isn’t it!? Well don’t feel too bad for the ol’ hubby because in the midst of all that, my boss came to me in September and asked if I wanted (ha ha) to go to a conference in, of all places, Orlando!  For those of who you don’t know my husband, over the last 30 years he has connived 🙂 a trip to Orlando between 8 – 10 times.  To say this is one of his favorite vacations would definitely be an understatement!  He earned this one though, so while I sat in a hotel conference for 8 – 9 hours a day, he putzed around Orlando sending me texts of all the places he’d been!  Not a bad way to see Disney if ya ask me!  (Don’t feel bad for me either, we took some time for vacation as well!)

Honestly, I’ve had this blog on my mind for some time since my mom passed away in July but never really came up with anything that I felt would warrant a post.  Today, I got a tag on Facebook from a lady I know who works with a rescue group (Chicago Pit Stop to give them a plug) who has been trying to get me to foster for them for some time.   My first thought was that there were puppies at Chicago Animal and Control that needed rescuing and they couldn’t be pulled until she had a foster home set up (her tags make me nervous because I am SSOO ready to foster again).  To my surprise, this is the picture she tagged me in!  Can you imagine how tickled I was!   OK, I’m biased, but aren’t my babies gorgeous!



Darwin, Duke, Delilah and Dixie!

Fosters puppies are coming soon too!  Feelin’ the urge!

Don’t forget that October is breast cancer awareness month also!  My mom was a breast cancer survivor <3!!



Dog Safe Foods




I said to my husband the other day, ‘for as many dogs as I’ve had in my life; I’ve never had a relationship with one like I do with Duke’ (and more & more daily with Delilah).  maybe that comes with age, NO maturity (because that doesn’t necessarily come with age).  I’ve said time and time again, I’ve has learned so much beginning with my sons’ dog Harley about dogs – I can’ just watch them all day anymore (maybe that comes with age?).

Long ago, whatever was leftover didn’t get thrown away, it went in the dogs bowl!  I wonder if the life expectancy of our beloved canines are longer now because we know better?  I’m sure most o the items at the bottom of this list were fed to our animals!   I DO give my dogs table scraps, I know some people are against this.  I am, however, much more cautious about what I am passing to them.

Feel free to save the picture and post it on your fridge!

dog safe foods

Taking a break


On Monday, my husband and I will be boarding a plane to take a trip that we both have wanted to take for some time. The kids are grown, tuitions are paid and, thanks to the economy, vacations are cheaper than ever. This gives us the opportunity to travel out of the USA and to a country other than Mexico or Canada! For 8 days, we will be enjoying pubs, castles and, what I am dreaming are the most beautiful views you can imagine!

For as much enjoyment, relaxation and excitement this vacation will bring, it also brings a tinge of sadness and a bit of guilt! As we take off to a far off land, 7 animals, not including fish or chickens, will wander through my house and wonder what happened to their routine! OK, 4 of those animals are cats and are probably not even going to notice we’re gone unless the food bowl empties before it can be refilled! Dogs, on the other hand, are creatures of habit! I’m reminded of that any morning I try to NOT take Duke for a walk! The mere mention of the word sends him into a tail wagging frenzy toward the front door! (Who says dogs don’t understand English?)

Sure, I have 2 legged children old enough to ‘take care’ of the 4 legged children and, deep down, I know they will do a fine job! Still, all I see in those eyes are the words ‘Please don’t leave us!’. As they lay quietly on the couch, I wonder if they are dreaming of chasing after us on our way out the door as their paws twitch and their muffled barks barely squeak out!


While away, I will wake up each day missing the morning walk I DON’T have to take and wonder how much they are missing me, knowing they are still sleeping tucked warmly in their beds; more than likely not even realizing the time we will be away! I’m sure I will miss them more than they miss me!

SO, although I am extremely excited to take this trip, I am just as excited to return home because there is just no better welcome home as one that is given by a dog, or two, or three!!!!